About the Expo 

The Women's Business Expo is a one-day business expo highlighting black women business owners throughout the United States and provides economic opportunities  for these business owners. The goal of the Women's Business Expo is to connect, educate and promote black women business owners.


Connect black women business owners to the resources and people they need to be successful.


Educate black women business owners on various business and professional topics needed to be successful.


Promote black women business owners to a vast audience to assist in attracting their target audience.

In it's inaugural year, the expo hosted 25 black women owned business exhibitors; top-tier sponsors; 15 special guest speakers; 10 classes, workshops, seminars and panel discussions for business owners, entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurs throughout the day; and a back to school drive. And this year we look forward to expanding on it all!


This year, for our second year, we will be going virtual! Instead of one super packed day of shopping and workshops, we will be hosting the expo an entire week!! Attendees will have the opportunity to log in to 15 virtual webinars featuring speakers from coast to coast and various industries!

Topics during the expo programming range from business development, technology, policy & governance, and economic & community development to social justice, and environmental topics. 

This will be an expo you won't want to miss! And most important, IT IS FREE TO ATTEND!!


The 2nd Annual 


  AUGUST 03 - 07, 2020 


This event will provide an opportunity for Sponsors to:

  1. Significant exposure & visibility in the community as a participant/supporter

  2. Participate in a successful community/business event

  3. Support an event that directly benefits the black women-owned businesses

  4. Opportunity to grow your supplier diversity lists

  5. Promote corporate social responsibility

  6. Establish or build community relations within the black community

  7. Champion diversity and inclusion through your company or organization

  8. Take advantage of marketing opportunities with exhibitors, attendees, other sponsors, and expo speakers

  9. Network with other community advocates and business leaders

  10. Increase your reach into other demographics



Generate revenue with on the spot sales


Connect with your target audience to build relationships


Build a database for future business


Target a new audience or market


Obtain new business connections and leads


Each Women's Business Expo Exhibitor Receives:

Basic Exhibitor | Unlimited Availability

  1. Listed on the BWBO America website with link

  2. Copy of attendee list


Standard Exhibitor | 15 Spots Available

  1. Listed on the BWBO America website with link 

  2. Copy of attendee list

  3. Social media shoutout


Premier Exhibitor | 15 Spots Available

  1. Listed on the BWBO America website with link  with primary placement

  2. Copy of attendee list

  3. Social media shoutout

  4. Mention during one event webinar

  5. Private group session with business coach



BWBO America Members

These rates are for paid members of BWBO America.

Basic Exhibitor - $100

Standard Exhibitor - $125

Premier Exhibitor - $175



These rates are for those who are not BWBO America members.

Basic Exhibitor - $125

Standard Exhibitor - $150

Premier Exhibitor - $200

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